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Investment Areas

A snapshot of the various investment portfolio or combinations available to WestStar


Having successfully invested and redeveloped real property in Singapore and Australia, WestStar is always on the lookout for properties with suitable yields.


Investments include shophouses in Singapore and mining assets in Australia and Indonesia




WestStar's subsidiaries take an active trading positiothe commodities market both on its own and through its business partner ISDN Investment Holdings Ltd.


Active in trading thermal coal, coking coal, iron ore and nickel.



WestStar has investiments in energy and resource companies in Indonesia and Australia. Its business partners all over the world ensure that WestStar is the first to be in the know of any new resource ventures.



WestStar's financial advisory team offers expertise to serve companies engaging in private financing, M&A transactions and IPO.


Our team would fully integrate themselves with our investors, providing them with independent, unbiased views and professional support ranging from debt restructuring, strategy consultancy, private placement, M&A, and IPO advisory.


For pre-IPO Investment, we focus on identifying great entrepreneurs and great companies before they become household names. We take companies to the next level with our investment and added value

High Tech

WestStar's has a long history in investing in various Information and Technology related companies. Previous investments included a VeriSign Affilate as well as a AIM Listed payment company on the London Stock Exchange as well as a smart card project with collaboration with the Hong Kong Post Office.


WestStar continues to invest the space and is also investing actively in the social media and app development space.

Food and Beverages

WestStar's family offices successfully owns and operates several F&B outlets in Singapore albiet the competitive marketing and challenging economy.


It is actively looking for investors who wish to diversify and indulge in areas outside their comfort zone.

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