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WestStar Group Inc is an independent multi-portfolio investment company that provides independent and professional investment advice, and tailor-made investment management services to entrepreneurial families and institutions.


At WestStar, we focus is on value creation by maintaining a diverse investment portfolio specializing in investments in the energry, mining and real property sectors in both developed and emerging markets. managing investments, either on a discretionary or advisory basis.


We also work with experts in the fields of trust structures, insurance etc. in order to ensure that our investors or business partners get the best in class.


In addition to that, we draw heavily on the resources of our trading partners in Australia, Indonesia and China for jurisdictional expertise and first hand knowledge.


In the midst of a changing world and fast-paced society, WestStar's international team of professionals is dedicated to meeting every investor's unique needs in order to build a precious and long-lasting relationship. We aim for excellence so that all our investors and partners are afforded the highest level of trust, service and commitment.

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