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​Investment Advisory & Portfolio Management
Trading & Operations
Family Office

Wealth Management is about solutions, not products. The key to finding the right solution is to understand the client: the personal and professional circumstances, the attitude towards risk and the investment experience.

We provide our investors with the most appropriate solution, whatever their personal circumstances may be.


As an independent multi-family office, we give unbiased advice and the alignment of our interest with that of the investors allows us to determine the best investment portfolio.


When investors collaborates with WestStar, the investor  remains fully in control of their investments though more often than not, we have seen investors leaving their investments in WestStar's capable hands.

WestStar is also active and has developed a successful approach for families who need to focus on or expand their core business.


Having successfully managed its own family offce, WestStar recognizes the importance of the non-core business matters such as family governance, family investment policy, tax & estate planning, structuring and Multi-Banks relationship.


We offer all of the above as well as a trusting environment, and being the professional family within the family.  

For investors and business partners with larger business d risk appetites, WestStar through its various subsidiaries is able to arrange and co-ordinate trading positions in WestStar's core business areas of mining, commodities, energy and resources.


With an extensive network of trusted business partners and associates, WestStar will assist in execution, implemenation and monitoring of trading and transactional work while maintaining independence and always delivering results

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